Daisy Plate Set – 8 piece

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Creating a bright table setting starts with these delightful Daisy pattern dinner and side plates.  A mix and match set of 8 Daisy pattern plates consist of 4 dinner plates and 4 matching side plates that will bring a burst of summer to your indoor or outdoor table at any time of the year.

Go all out and create a table setting for dining and entertaining family and friends that is sure to bring happiness that they won’t forget.

The Daisy plates are made of high-grade stoneware that is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

A couple of fascinating facts about Daisies and why practically everyone loves them.

The name “daisy” originates from the Old English phrase “Daes eage,” which means “day’s eye.” This name reflects how these flowers close their petals in the evening and reopen them in the morning.

You can eat daisies.  Daisies are closely related to artichokes and  they’re a great source of vitamin C, so eat up.

Daisies also have medicinal properties. They’re known to slow bleeding, relieve indigestion, and soothe coughs.

So not only are daisies cheerful pretty flowers they are also good for us!


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