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TOP MOKA is a brand name that is synonymous with a classic stove-top espresso-maker that is proudly designed and hand-made in Italy.

By using time-honoured traditional methods, TOP MOKA makes smooth intense shots of coffee, with the convenience of home brewing.

Depending on taste you may choose to drink short shots of strong espresso. For a  long black simply transfer to a larger cup and add more hot water or your favourite type of milk.

Beautifully gift boxed, it makes an ideal gift for coffee-lovers of all stripes.

Goditi il ​​tuo espresso – ciao

• Mini Espresso stove top coffee maker
• Two Porcelain Shot Cups

• Finish: Black
• Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm deep


Not suitable for some gas stove-tops or some induction stove-tops.


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