Top Moka – Original Stovetop Espresso Maker 3-6 cups

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Minimum order 6 bottles including Mixed Case.

The TOP MOKA brand, proudly designed and hand-made in Italy, is synonymous with classic stovetop espresso-makers.

This espresso-maker is a wonderful gift idea for lovers of coffee who also want the convenience of home brewing.

The unit also packs and travels well, for example it’s ideal for camping.

This TOP MOKA Stovetop Espresso-Maker brings classical and traditional methods of making smooth intense shots of coffee expressly and especially for you.

The two-layer bottom and the heat spreading chamber allow the brew to express a flow very slowly thus enhancing the quality of its blend, bringing out rich coffee flavour and aroma.

The unit uses a bottom compartment and boiler-head releaser-system made of top quality materials.

This Tz. 6 Elle mode, TOP MOKA stovetop Espresso-maker makes 3 to 6 cups depending on your taste and favourite mix.

The chamber makes up to 300ml of coffee. 3-6 cups with the addition of milk and depending on how strong you like your espresso.

Goditi il ​​tuo espresso – ciao


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