What is the most humane way to kill a fish?


Once you’ve caught your fish, how do you dispatch it quickly and cleanly? How to spike a fish is a challenge we have well and truly solved with the Kilafish iki spike. Designed by a couple of Kiwi fishermen, Kilafish is the best way to kill a fish humanely, and it’s really safe and easy to use.


Why kill a fish quickly after you’ve caught it?

Killing a fish with the Kilafish fish dispatcher immediately after you’ve caught it results in the blood retracting into the gut cavity. The less blood in the flesh the better, because blood can make the fillets taste bitter. Using Kilafish also delays rigor mortis, which also helps to preserve the fresh taste of the fillets.


How to kill a fish with KILAFISH



After landing the fish, throw a wet towel or cloth over it. This will calm it down and make it easier to handle. One hand is usually enough to hold the fish, unless it’s one of those really big ones that make for the best fishing stories. You can remove the hook before or after using Kilafish.



Fish brain location differs between species. For snapper, hold the fish on its side, place the Kilafish on the head about 2cm back and up from the eye. For kingfish, kahawai and other flat-headed species, position Kilafish on the top of the head about 2cm back from the eyes.



Press firmly down to push the iki spike into the head. The fins will flare out for two seconds before the heart stops, then the fish will relax. If the fish is still moving after two seconds, you missed the brain. Try again. A brain-dead fish cannot move its muscles.



The best fishing tool

“This is the best fishing tool I have in my tackle box. Kilafish is safe, humane and simple to use. It just works time and time again.”

  – Denne

It really works

“As a family who loves fishing, we have always struggled with what is the best way to dispatch our caught fish. The Kilafish fish killing device does it quickly and truly does prolong the onset of rigor mortis by stopping the blood from entering the flesh.”

  – Dianna

Fishing made easy

“Sometimes it’s not easy catching a fish, but when you do you want it to taste the best it can once you get home. Kilafish is the humane method to kill a fish before filleting. It helps keep the fish flesh fresh and tasting good. I wouldn’t go fishing without one now.”

  – Christopher

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