Espresso lover’s gift set

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Minimum order 6 bottles including Mixed Case.

Here’s a perfect gift set for espresso lovers wanting to make a special occasion of morning or afternoon tea.

The gift set includes a

  • *3-6 cup TOP MOKA stovetop espresso maker
  • 5 unique stylish pieces of dishwasher and microwave proof stoneware crockery including:
  • a milk jug,
  • sugar bowl,
  • two small mono square plates
  • one oblong mono sandwich plate

When you need an espresso but leaving your home or office just isn’t happening, how do you cope? With A TOP MOKA stovetop espresso maker you don’t need a fancy coffee machine.  You’ll be able to make a rich tasting espresso easily and economically any time at your convenience.

The TOP MOKA brand, proudly designed and hand-made in Italy, is synonymous with classic stovetop espresso-makers.

This espresso-maker is a wonderful gift idea for lovers of coffee who also want the convenience of home brewing.

Goditi il ​​tuo espresso – ciao




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