Transplanting Trowel

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Wilson & Co’s transplanting trowel is a fabulous garden hand-tool to make light work of many gardening chores.


Made of high-grade stainless steel that feature engraved measurements. The handle is made of antique coloured Ash-wood, a well known hard-wood. A handy leather loop allows the trowel to be hung in the shed for great visibility and handy storage when not in use.

A hand-trowel is similar to a spade or shovel only its generally much smaller as it’s designed to use with one hand.

This tool is so handy for breaking up earth, digging small holes, mixing in fertiliser and transferring plants to pots.

The measurements on the actual spade part is very useful when digging a specific depth in the soil for planting.  Also very useful for digging small holes for planting bulbs, annuals or perennials.  This well made transplanting trowel garden hand-tool is also great for digging up weeds.
Wilson & Co also sell other handy garden hand tools all made of stainless steel with wooden handles, except the secateurs which are made of stainless steel.  Also available are excellent quality Garden Dibbers, Hand Forks  and the by-pass Pruning Secateurs.
A wonderful gift set that contains all four garden habd-tools from Wilson &
co, are available at a great price! 



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