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Minimum order 6 bottles including Mixed Case.

The ultimate gift for those who love their gardens glowing at night.


  • 2 x Wilson & Co Box Lanterns
  • 1 x purpose-build wooden Gift Crate

The candles to go inside the box lanterns are to be brought separately


285mm high by 200mm wide.  Weight: 1.6kg.

For those who love their gardens glowing at night, the flickering candlelight that illuminates from Wilson & Co Garden Lanterns will add class, mystery and romance to the outdoors.

They also bring more life and warmth to an outdoor BBQ or a more formal al fresco table setting, even in the daytime and especially at night.

The candle sits on its own separate dish making tendering easy. Breathing holes enable the long-lasting candle to burn constantly no matter what the weather.

Designed for durability in most weather conditions, these garden lanterns are made to last. We recommend storing your outdoor lanterns in a handy area indoors, when not in use during the winter months.


Low light is relaxing

According to Dexter and Mason humans are sensitive to changes in light levels, with lower levels suggesting that it’s nearly bedtime. So, we naturally start to wind down in dimmer light, which can lead to us feeling more relaxed. It’s much easier to slip into a romantic mood when you’re not feeling tense or hurried. Just try not to doze off too early if you have a date night planned…glowing candlelight from your Wilson & Co Garden Box Lantern will illuminate the mood.

A single lantern with a candle plus a purpose-built crate is also available.



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