Everyday Vintage Old Gold Scissors

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Spice up your home with a pair of Wilson & Co’s Everyday Vintage Old Gold Scissors. These beautiful rich old gold scissors are not just pretty to look at known to be the scissors of steel. These scissors have been around since the late Ming Dynasty in 1628. Cutting through Chinese history

These scissors have had perfected techniques over the centuries to make the company’s world-renown scissors today

Adapting an ancient sword making technique was to mix molten steel into the cutting edges of the blades – using a high temperature and a lot of careful hammering – to give the scissors a much harder, sharper bite.

Seventeenth century Chinese housewives suddenly had a powerful new weapon in their kitchen armoury – bad news indeed for 17th century Chinese chickens.

Dimensions/specifications:  Full length 19.5 cm; Blade length 7cm, handle at widest 10cm.

BBC TV Story about the family owned manufacturing business making these scissors since the 1628.

The scissor-maker that has cut through Chinese history.   https://www.bbc.com/news/business-22160739


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