ATTENTION Please read before using your thermetter®.

Water boils at 100°C , and the solder joint used in the manufacture of this THERMETTE® melts at approximately 160°C.

As long as the THERMETTE® is full of water when on the heat source, the joint will not melt, as the water regulates the temperature of the THERMETTE®.

If you allow the THERMETTE® to boil dry, or return to the heat source after using, with little or no water remaining, it will boil dry and overheat very , very quickly. This will cause severe damage to your THERMETTE®.

ALWAYS fill the THERMETTE® before placing on any heat source.

ALWAYS remove the THERMETTE® from the heat source once the water comes to the boil.

Take good care of your THERMETTE® and it will last you a lifetime – Enjoy!